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How do I clean out the inside of my rubber duck?

If you need to clean out the inside of your duck, there must have been some way that the dirt got in.  There has to be some hole or opening for the dirt to get in.  Either he's a squeaker, a squirter, or somehow he got punctured.  The good news is that since there's a way for the dirt to get in, that same way can be used to get the dirt out.  If the stuff was small enough to get through the opening, then it's small enough to come back through.

To get it out, just use water.  Just like you fill and squirt a squirter duck, fill and squeeze out your duck.  First immerse the guy completely in water (don't worry, rubber ducks can hold their breath very very well) and squeeze out all the air.  Then, while he's still under water, relax the squeeze and let the duck pull in water through the opening.  Once he's almost full, pull him out into the air, give him a good shaking (like we said before, don't worry, rubber ducks are very resilient), and then squeeze hard to force the water out quickly.  While you're squeezing out the water, hold him so that the orifice is pointing down so that gravity helps pull the dirt out.

Keep doing this until you've got him all clean.  Remember, when you're filling him with water, don't fill him all the way.  That way there's still some air in there to allow the shaking to really work at the dirt.  Also, we recommend hot water as the temperature will help the water 'wet' the dirt.


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