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How do I know if my duckie's a squeaker?

If you think your duck is a squeaker and want to know for sure, there are
definite ways to find out.  The first is to simply ask.  Most ducks
are not offended at all by this type of "personal" question.  If you have
trouble understanding duckish, you may just need to look.  Simply turn
your duck over and take a look at their belly.  If there's a hole there
that's surrounded by slightly thicker plastic than the rest of your duck,
you've got a squeaker.  (Your duckie pal may be blushing a bit when you
turn him over, but it's ok, some ducks are shy.)  Finally, if you've asked
and inspected and you're still not sure, squeeze your duck.  If he
emits an ecstatic "SQWEEEAK!", you've got a squeaker.