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Roger received the following email from Ann:

How do I get my rubber ducks to float in the tub, they all either go face down or lay sideways in the water.  Help.


How to Make Your Rubber Duck Float Right

For some reason, once in a while a rubber duck is made that has troubles in the bath.  Despite the fact that rubber ducks are intended for tub floating, some ducks float on their side or even upside down.  And despite the trauma that this can cause a rubber duck (peer pressure can be very strong in these unfortunate cases), it seems to continue to occur

When we received this urgent request for help, our crack team of investigators here at RubaDuck leapt into action and began working on a solution.  After intensive analysis of the rubber duck stability with investigation into center of gravity and buoyancy, we determined that it is simply a matter of mass distribution.  After much cogitation and consultation with Roger, we developed a couple of solutions.  The top two recommendations are the “5-cent solution” and the “washer solution”.


Roger strongly recommends that proper eye protection be worn when performing any rubber duck surgeries.

The "Washer" Solution

If your rubber duck has a hole in the bottom (especially if you want to preserve the squeak-ability of your duck), we recommend the “washer solution.”  This procedure is the more simple of the two and involves less risk to both the duck and the surgeon.

Locate a washer that has a hole in the middle big enough to accommodate your duck’s squeaker.  Some ducks have a depression in the plastic around their squeaker that is just perfect for accepting a washer, others are all smooth plastic on the bottom.  If desired, you may spray-paint your washer to blend with the natural color of your duck, just be sure to do so the day before the surgery to allow the paint to dry completely.  Apply water-proof adhesive to the washer and to your duck, taking care to leave the washer hole and the duck squeaker clear of any adhesive.  Press the washer to the duck firmly and allow the duck to rest on the washer while the adhesive dries.  Ensure that the adhesive dries completely before test-floating the patient.

If you're made of strong stuff and a
sharp knife does not daunt you:
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