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Why We Love Rubber Ducks!

Ducklips does a beautiful essay on the joy of rubber duckies.

Tina's Cruise

Tina shared her rubber duck cruise pictures with us and they are cute!

The Rubber Duckie Song

Lyrics and lots of information about the rubber duck song. You know, THE song.

The "5 Cent" Solution to Tipping

What if you really want your duck to sit up straight in the bath?

Rubber Ducky Buoyancy

Can my rubber duck float my iPod?

Rubber Ducks and PVC

Are rubber ducks made of PVC harmful?

Rubber Duck Measurements (The Hard Data)

Taking statistics on rubber ducks gets into strange and dangerous territory.  Wheee!

Rubber Duck Debugging

What can you do when you just can't find the bug?  Rubber Duck Debugging!

How to Make Your Rubber Duck Float Right (Easy Way)

Does that duck just want to always tip over? We can help!

Do Oriental Trading Company Ducks Float Upright?

Those ducks sure are cute... but do they stand up to DuckLips' tests?