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Tina had an awesome rubber duck cruise and was kind enough to send us some photographs. When we showed these pictures to our gang of duckies, they all decided that it was their turn and wanted to know when we would be buying cruise tickets. Thanks Tina! (Or maybe not....)
This is my little Mexican ducky, Pepito by the pool in the market square in Costa Maya, Mexico. Note the tiny bottle of Corona on his serape!
Ducky pirates finding treasure in Costa Maya, Mexico.
This is Captain Jack, visiting a gift shop in the Bahamas!
Captain Jack and his crew find treasure on Grand Cayman Island!
Pepito visits a shop in Costa Maya, Mexico
Tom the tourist ducky at Jungle Beach, Costa Maya Mexico.
Sam, the sailor duck, aboard Carnival Liberty en route to Grand Cayman. We're wondering what all that blue rope is for...
Charlie visits the Liberty’s Antiquarian Library
Charles Duckens (“Charlie”) gets in a bit of light reading in the stateroom on Carnival Liberty.