Saturday, August 20 2005

Irvine, California saw the largest gathering of rubber duck collectors in
history! Ok, so the grand total was nineteen people, but for this collector
craze still in its infancy, that did indeed constitute a record number.
Duckfest 2005, as the August gathering was dubbed, was the third annual meeting
of rubber duck collectors from across the United States. While most attendees
hailed from the Southern California area, others came from as far away as
Mississippi and New York. During the event, collectors shared photographs,
stories and amusing quirks about themselves and their ducks. The marketplace
spanned the entire patio of the meeting place, creating a veritable ‘sea of
yellow’ covering every available surface. Buying, selling and trading occupied
much of the afternoon, with frenzied last-minute purchasing fueled by
‘end-of-the-day’ price slashing. A silent auction was held for unusual and
vintage rubber ducks, with most bids coming in at the last 30 minutes of
bidding. The afternoon also included a contest of rubber duck trivia and
skills, pitting collectors against each other in a battle of wits and dexterity
with the ultimate victor and runner-up receiving coveted, if dubious, engraved
medals and bragging rights. Trivia questions ranged from novice to expert, and
skills challenges included rubber duck stacking, counting and naming
Celebriducks. Collectors completed their day by chatting over a duck-shaped
cake and duck-shaped cookies. Before parting, the conventioneers vowed to
gather again next year for another round of ‘duck-cellent’ fellowship and fun.
Duckfest 2006 is being planned for the Fall of 2006, to be held in Rantoul,
Illinois. [Information originally reported by the quack investigators at]