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October 2005

Generally famous for catering to the whims of top Hollywood film stars, world-famous rock stars and others of the rich and famous set, the Balmoral hotel in Edinburgh, Scotland is now taking aim at a new demographic: children.

The “Five-star Kids' programme” is designed to ensure that children enjoy every aspect of their "Balmoral Experience". Designed for children aged two and up, the special highlights of the program include children’s robes and slippers, special children’s menu created by Michelin-starred Chef Jeff Bland, gifts upon arrival and a host of activities and attractions to entertain the younger set.

Other aspects of the program may also be of interest to children’s toy collectors, particularly teddy bear and rubber duck collectors. Bath time on the Five-star Kids’ program includes a Balmoral-branded rubber duck along with bubble bath and other pampering products for kids. After their bath, participating children can look forward to the “Teddy turn-down” with their Balmoral Teddy, which is placed on their pillow during the evening turn-down service. Adding these amenities to a toy collection sounds like a great excuse to enjoy the hotel and surrounding area on your next vacation, whether you have children or not!

And, of course, if you ARE a rubber duck, this sounds like an excellent employment opportunity for those of you who, like our own Roger, enjoy the rewards and challenges of world travel.