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January 2005

Popular children’s author Eric Carle’s latest book is
getting great reviews from critics as well as parents and kids.  Inspired
by a 2003 news story about the 1992 container ship spill that released
thousands of bright yellow rubber duckies into the ocean, the author has
fashioned a delightful counting book.  10 rubber ducks, fresh from the
factory, fall into the sea.  They are disbursed in all directions, each
meeting up with a different animal.  The tenth duck encounters a mother
duck and her ducklings and floats along home with them.  All the ducks say
good night with a “quack” and the newcomer chimes in with a “squeak” which
children can create by pressing the page of the book.   As we here at
RubaDuck know, rubber duckies are magically inspirational to all kinds of