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March 8, 2008
Remote Control Rubber Duck

Many of our bathtime friends are content to rest in the tub and enjoy the bubbles.  Not so with the new remote control duck from I Want One of Those.  This duck will make waves in your tub by piloting circles around the rest of your collection.  It's a good thing rubber ducks don't usually get jealous because the twin props on this duck can definitely push through the bubbles.  Oh and the two best points:

  • The controller is waterproof.
  • 5 minute charges.

Yes, definitely, we want one of those.

Update 2013-07-15

Sadly, it appears that the remote control ducky is no longer offered by iwantoneofthose.com.  We've got a crew of rubber ducks scouring the internet to find something like these but so far they're holding up their wings and shrugging sadly at us.  If you know of a remote control rubber duck, people need to hear about it!  Please tell us about it!