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July 13, 2011
The National Toy Hall of Fame

I just found out that there is a National Museum of Play in Rochester NY. It
looks like a fabulous place!

And as if that's not cool enough, inside the museum is the National Toy Hall of Fame. Awesome! I
didn't know such a thing existed. There are currently 46 toys that have been
officially inducted into the hall of fame. You can see them here. The list is lovely to look at.
Many great toys of the past are there and seeing them is quite nostalgic. Play
Doh, Monopoly, Big Wheels, Crayola crayons . . .  It's lovely.
But I was sad, surprised, and shocked to find out that rubber ducks are
not in the hall of fame! I can not believe that such an iconic toy hasn't been

There is good news however. We have time to make a difference. You can
nominate your favorite bathtime friend. The nominations for 2010 are complete,
but the nominations for 2011 are still open. We have until July 29th to put in
the nomination.

Nominate Here by July

I'm about to put in RubaDuck's nomination. I hope the web form will let me
enter the essay Ducklips

If you've nominated rubber ducks (or if you haven't!) please let us know in
our poll on Quackers here.