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How can I get the water that's in my duck, out of my duck?

If water can get in your duck then there's some way to get it out again.  I'm assuming they have some kind of hole in their design that allowed the water in. They're either a squeaker or a squirter.  The first step is to hold the duck with that hole pointing down and try to squeeze out as much water through that hole as you can. You may have to actually deform the duck a bit, try to make that hole the lowest point of the duck so the water inside will all drain towards it and out.  Remember, Rubber Ducks are very resilient and will not be harmed (or upset!) by some hard squeezing.  They know it comes from love.

If your ducks are made of harder plastic that doesn't deform easily, you may need to employ a more permanent and surgical solution. For example, our duck "Big Bee Bee" is a very large duck (around 12" long) and her size and harder plastic composition make her very difficult indeed to 'squeeze out'.  Also, the hole in the bottom of her body is not the lowest point in her construction, so it is impossible to get all of the water out of her through that hole. What we at Rubaduck ended up doing was finding a point on her bottom surface that we could easily make the lowest point just by tipping her a bit, and then we drilled a small hole in her at that point. So now, while she doesn't float very well, and you have to cover that hole to make her squeak, it is very easy to get all of the water out of her at the end of a bath.

Another solution I've heard of but never tried is to give your duck a short, gentle ride in the clothes dryer. The warm air and drying effect can help to evaporate the water inside your duck. I would recommend trying this on a low heat setting after you have done your best to squeeze out as much water as you can. After your duck comes out of the dryer, he or she may be somewhat malleable, so be sure to set them in a cool place with nothing pressing on them so they can firm up without warping.


Hopefully you don't have something else you need to get out of your duck?