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Many people love to send images to us. And we... love to get them! But, we
wouldn't and couldn't (and really shouldn't) keep them to ourselves. So, we
share them with you! If you'd like to make your duck famous, send us some pictures!

Rubber Duck Badge Holder
Does a badge holder count??
Rubber Duck Disco Party
Sent in by Digicolleen
The Big Cheese in Las Vegas
Sent in by Digicolleen and The Big Cheese
New Rubber Duck from Freddie - 2
These ducks are stylin'
New Rubber Duck from Freddie - 1
Those are some wild ducks! Thanks for sending them in, Freddie!
River Thames Duck
"Just thought I would send you this photo of my dog Jack and the duck he found out on our local stretch of river last Easter, he became very attached but sadly the duck has since been ‘liberated’ by school boys and is we hope, even as we speak, continuing his journey down the River Thames towards London." - Emma
Netherlands-ish Collection
"i found your rubber duckies website and i think it's really nice. I am a rubber duckies collector from The Netherlands and i wanted to share my photos with you. I hope you like it!" - Jeffrey